Lunsmeny uke 37

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Meny uke 37


  • Turkey «cordon bleu», beans, sundried tomatoes and potato gratin
  • Vegetarian «cordon bleu»
  • Soup of the day


  • Veal balls in tomato sauce, peas, mint, lettuce and potato wedges
  • Tofu and quinoa balls in tomato sauce
  • Soup of the day


  • Ricotta and spinach tortellini
  • Lightly creamed Neapolitan sauce
  • Soup of the day


  • Salmon fillet, chorizo, tomatoes and basil
  • Carrots with honey and miso
  • Vegetarian omelette
  • Soup of the day


  • Penne carbonara, grilled eggplant
  • Penne with vegetables
  • Dessert

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