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The students in 5th to 7th grade has written this text about our school:

Dragon Wisdom 

DNSB has Dragon Wisdom once a month. We have different themes every time. These are some of the themes we have had: democracy, Norwegian history, the body, indigenous people, technology and many more. Every class has one project each. The project can for example be: a movie, a presentation, a poster, a play or anything else we come up with. Our principal Marthe starts of Dragon Wisdom by asking questions and talking about the theme. Then we show the rest of the school what we made. Dragon Wisdom is a fun thing to do every month because we can learn from the other classes and make cool things about the theme. 

The Norwegian Dragons 

TND is short for The Norwegian Dragons. It’s a student company for 4th to 7th grade. TND is mostly where we earn money to go on school trips. We can earn money by baking cakes, pies or cupcakes and then sell them. It is also possible to have a student evening where we watch a movie and buy snacks. We use the money to go on school trips. In the past TND have gone to London, Amsterdam, Gent, Brugge, Brussel and France. TND is named that because in 2016 the students voted and The Norwegian Dragons won. This year we want to go to London or Paris.

General information

At the Norwegian school we have three different classes, it’s 1st-3rd grade and they are 5-8 years old. Another class is 4th-7th grade and they are 8-13 years old. The last class is 8th-10th grade and they are 12-16 years old. We have a lot of different people here in the Norwegian school. Our classes are not in English or French unless we are learning that subject. Everything else is in Norwegian. We’re not that many in our school. There’s not just Norwegian students here, we also have Swedish and Danish people. We have food in the castle, and we eat with the EEBA school. Not everybody eats in the castle, some of the students bring their own lunch box and eat in the classroom. 

We hope you learned a little about our school from this text. Bye!

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